The Roadmap

In the vibrant Kingdom of Injective, where innovation and creativity reign supreme, the journey of Injective Kings unfolds across the four quarters of 2024. Each phase marks a pivotal chapter!

Q1 2024: A majestic Launch

The Injective Kings NFT have just (11 January 2024) made their debut on the Talis Art marketplace. The launch is spectacular, with impressive growth rates that mirror the excitement of the kingdom's followers. The Kings who hold the NFTs, will get a AIRDROP of $IKINGS token! The $IKINGS token is expected to gain significant value as time progresses. So, you are still early Kings!

Q2 2024: The Rise of DeFI Royalty

In the second quarter, a significant event takes place in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) – The introduction of the DeFi Launchpad. This event is important, grabbing the attention of the decentralized community.

To make things work smoothly, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are utilized, seamlessly connecting the INJ Bridge to both the ETH and SOL realms. Think of these APIs as the threads weaving everything together in this decentralized kingdom.

Now, let us zoom in on the financial landscape. The Trading Pool's Market Making adds complexity and richness to the kingdom's financial setup. It is like adding different layers and dimensions to the decentralized world.

And here comes the grand moment – the PUBLIC Initial DEX Offering (IDO) of $IKINGS. This is important for the community, and everyone is excited to be a part of it. It's a significant chapter in the story of Injective Kings, marking a special occasion in their decentralized journey.

Q3 2024: Staking, Listing, and Rewarding Royalty

In the third quarter of our story, the kingdom takes a step forward in its evolution. A special Staking platform is launched, and it is exclusively for $IKINGS. Think of staking as a way for loyal supporters (Injective Kings) to show their allegiance and get rewarded for it. It is like earning a special place of honour within the kingdom for being a dedicated member.

At the same time, $IKINGS is making moves to expand its influence. It gets listed on various exchanges, making it more accessible to a wider audience. It is like the kingdom is spreading its reach to welcome more people into the $IKINGS community.

And speaking of welcoming, the kingdom is opening its gates to new subjects, inviting them to join in the prosperity of $IKINGS. It's an inclusive gesture, encouraging more individuals to be a part of the growing success of the kingdom.

Q4 2024: The Flourishing Ecosystem

In the last part of the year, something exciting happens in the Injective Kings Kingdom. We will introduce Automated Market Making for the Yield Token Pool. This is like a smart system that helps make markets work more efficiently, creating more opportunities for those holding Injective Kings.

As the Automated Market Making comes into play, it acts as a guiding light for growth and reward. Everyone holding a stake gets to enjoy the benefits of the kingdom's expansion.

There is even more excitement on the horizon with the next steps for the Injective Kingdom. It is like the story does not end here; there are more adventures and rewards to come in the journey of the Injective Kingdom.

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