The proposed tokenomics for the $IKINGS token involve a total supply of 5 trillion tokens, strategically allocated to encourage community participation and ensure sustainable project growth. The distribution plan is as follows: 20% for Token Sale, 12% for NFT Holder rewards, 34% for the Staking mechanism, 24% for Rewards, and 10% for the Team.

On February 19, 2024, a token burn event occurred, reducing the total token supply to 4 trillion tokens. Specifically, 33% of the total team's allocation was burned, 60% of the total token sale allocation was burned, and 17% of the total rewards allocation was burned. This reduction in supply aims to increase the token's value, with the portion allocated to NFT holders remaining unaffected.

The community will have the majority of the supply, accounting for 90%, or a total of 3.6 trillion tokens. Additionally, there will be 1500 KINGS NFTs, with each NFT corresponding to 400 million $IKINGS tokens, distributed annually. To further incentivize NFT holders, a quarterly distribution of 100 million $IKINGS tokens per NFT will be implemented. This distribution structure aims to create equity between the broader community and NFT holders, fostering a balanced and sustainable ecosystem for $IKINGS.

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